There are various products available in stores, that claim to remove spots from your face. But they may be using harsh chemicals, so using a natural remedy is the best solution.

To make brown spot removing paste, you will need following ingredients:

  • Lemon juice – 2 teaspoon
  • Hydrogen peroxide –  4 drops
  • Natural glycerin – 4 drops
  • Milk powder – 2 teaspoon

Preparation and Use for the paste:
Take a small bowl and mix all this ingredients together. Stir well till the ingredients are mixed properly.

Now first, wash your face with a mild soap and Luke warm water. Pat dry your face. Now Apply this paste and let it sit for 1 hour, then wash your face with cold water. Do not use soap on face for 4 hours after using this paste. It is best to use this paste in night before going to bed.